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Fang Wang

Computer Science PhD

I'm on the job market !    I will obtain PhD degree before Nov. 2022

Welcome: About Me


I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (POLYU), advised by Prof. Man Lung Yiu Ken and Prof. Zili Shao. I received the bachelor's degree in Engineering from Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) in 2017.

Research Interest

My work/research interest is database system. My previous works include AI for DB and modern hardware for DB.

My on-going works include cloud-native and relational database system.

If you could read Chinese, you may subscribe my ZhiHu blog (ID: learnDB).



  • Cloud-native database.

  • Learning-based query optimization for database analytics.

  • Exploiting CPU-GPU co-processing for database analytics.

  • Exploiting smart memory/storage (non-volatile memory NVM) for accelerating data mining on vector data.


16 Aug 2022   Our work LPCE (learning for cardinality estimation) is accepted by SIGMOD 2023.

10 Aug 2022  My ZhiHu (ID: learnDB) blog has over 120 subscribers.

17 June 2022  I passed the oral defense for PhD degree !!!

01 June 2022  I finished the internship at Huawei GuassDB as research intern for Gauss Cloud-native database project.

23 Dec 2020   I gave a talk on Exploiting GPUs For Database Analytical Query at Huawei GaussDB. The video recording (in Chinese) is available at Bilibili.

15 Sep 2020   I joined the database group as a visiting research student at Southern University of Science and Technology, China, and worked with Dr. Bo Tang.


Reviewer: AAAI 2022/2021

Reviewer: CIKM 2021


Teaching Assistant at COMP1411: Introduction to Computer Systems. Spring 2021

Teaching Assistant at COMP3021: Programming Language Paradigms. Spring 2020

Teaching Assistant at COMP5434: Big Data Computing. Summer 2019

Teaching Assistant at COMP4438: Embedded Software. Spring 2019

Teaching Assistant at COMP2121: E-Business. Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant at COMP3122: Information Systems Development. Spring 2018

Welcome: Experience



I have a sweet Ph.D. friend group. They are the nicest people in the world, who gave me great help on the way of pursuing the degree!

I travel a lot.
Always curious about the world!


I'm a jogging and hiking man!

Welcome: Projects
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